How Colors Can Influence Our Well-Being


Each day we wake up, we usually take the time to dress ourselves.  Do we take notice of what colors we choose to wear?  Do we tend to wear the same colors?  Do we choose our clothes based on emotions, on the intellect, by random?

If we begin to consciously choose our clothes with a clear intent, maybe we will experience something quite fascinating.  For one thing, when we live in the present moment, every choice becomes real.  We are no longer in robotic mode, automatically grabbing whatever is close by, clean, or convenient.

By being present in the Now, we can learn to actively create what we intend.  Of course, this means we need to be aware of our intentions. By observing the results of cause and effect, we may begin to understand the process of conscious and subconscious intentions.

For example, by observing your relationship with colors, you may discover that certain hues at certain times, can actually affect your moods.   Consider experimenting with these thoughts.

Experience:  I have a wonderful dream filled with flowers and butterflies.  When I awaken, my mood is soaring.  When I enter my closet to dress, I look for a colorful outfit to wear.  I consciously replay my dream in my head and my mood continues to flow with joy.  Throughout the day, I notice I’m happy and playful.  I  am wearing colors that truly reflect how I feel inside.

Every once in a while, I will write down what colors I wear each day, for seven days, on my wall calendar.  I will review my postings at the end of the week, making mental notes when particular colors correlate with particular situations or moods.

Although the colors we choose to wear can be used to make many external statements, taking the time to recognize what messages we are sending to ourselves internally, may be much more advantageous and rewarding.


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